Products and Rates

Rates are offered and revised in collaboration with the W. P. Carey Center for Entrepreneurship. All rates listed in USD. Rates for ASU-based clients may differ.

Symbiota Data Portal Services

Pinned specimen of the nymphalid butterfly Limenitis arthemis arizonensis

Hosting: Data Portals and Images

Services: Storing and serving web-ready images related to biodiversity records, including linkage to external systems, where applicable

Rates: $1.00/GB/year (nonprofit discounts available)

Data Portal Setup

Services: Portal configuration, styling, data ingestion, activation, module population. Setup may be full or partial (price scaled accordingly).

Rates: $3,575/portal (full setup)

Banner for the Ecdysis portal with the caption "A portal for live-data arthropod collections"
Woman looking at computer screen displaying interactive map in a Symbiota data portal

Data Portal Maintenance

Services: Portal management, maintenance, security administration, code updates

Rates: $2,436/year

Data Portal Tool Development & IT Consulting

Services: Software and database feature development, customization, fixes, adjustments. Consulting for development, installation, and other IT needs.

Rates: $231/hour

Dried and pressed cactus specimen of Echinomastus johnsonii

Digitization & Workflow Consulting

Services: Consult and advise on digitization, data management, data mobilization, and related topics

Rates: $49/hour

Custom Data Products

Services: Create and format custom data outputs, integration with other data sources, data visualizations

Rates: $32/hour






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Biosample Services

Close-up of hands removing samples from a cryogenic freezer

Sample Processing & Loan Facilitation

Services: Specimen preparation, processing, storage, shipping, and related sample and data management and publishing.

Rates: Please contact us to discuss specific service requests and applicable rates.