Image Description: Specimen Label

Screenshot of specimen label generated in a Symbiota data portal. The label contains text at left with a barcode rotated 90 degrees to the right. The example given is a label generated for a preserved mammal specimen with the catalog number NEON01IFU that reads as follows:

Arizona State University
NEON Biorepository Mammal Collection
Zapus hudsonius


United States, Wisconsin, Lincoln, Domain 05, Treehaven Site, Plot TREE_002 (plot dimensions: 90m x 90m). 45.493088N, -89.56624W+-64 meters. Elev: 457m.

Life Stage: Adult.
Sex: Female.

Collector: David Smith
Prep. by: Rosie Liao

Date: 19 June 2018
Prep.: skin | skull | skeleton | tissues | ectoparasites

NEON sampleID: TREE.20180619.O002A220180619.VNEON sampleCode (barcode): B00000020924